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Holy Family Youth Group News

Join us for the 5pm Mass every Sunday, even when we don't have youth group!

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2023-2024 PROGRAMS:



In the Archdiocese of Atlanta, students get confirmed in 10th grade (or later) after completing two years of foundational faith formation and a stand-alone, sacrament-specific preparation program during the year of their Confirmation. At Holy Family, the two years of foundational faith formation start in 8th grade. Students must maintain at least 80% attendance during their foundational formation years to be eligible to sign up for the sacrament-specific preparation program during the year of their Confirmation. Please click the button to the right to view additional requirements for Confirmation. 

Adults wanting to be Confirmed must do their sacramental prep through our RCIA program. For more information about our RCIA program, click here


En la Arquidiócesis de Atlanta, los estudiantes son confirmados en el grado 10º  (o más tarde) después de completar dos años de formación fundamental en la fe y recibir el programa  de preparación para el sacramento durante el ultimo año de su Confirmación. Aqui en la Iglesia de La Sagrada Familia, los dos años de formación fundamental en la fe comienzan en 8º grado. Para poder ser elegibles y inscribirse en el programa de el Sacramento de Confirmacion es necesario inscribir los estudiantes en formación de Fe y mantener al menos un 80% de asistencia durante los 2 años. Durante el ultimo año de formacion tendra que inscribir el estudiante para las clases del programa que es especicamente para El Sacramento de la Confirmacion aparte de la clase de formacion de fe. Haga clic en el botón de la derecha para ver los requisitos adicionales para la confirmación.

Los adultos que deseen ser confirmados deben hacer su preparación sacramental a través de nuestro programa RICA. Para obtener más información sobre nuestro programa RICA, haga clic aquí.

Pizza & Prayer

Pizza & Prayer

Every Wednesday from 7-9 PM. Deep-Dish Bible study, served by the slice! Join us in the Teen Room (104) for games and fellowship, Scripture study, and pizza. If you're new to Holy Family Youth Group, this is a great place to get to know us!


Discipleship Groups

Gender-specific groups of 4-8 upperclassmen led by two adults. They are intentional discipleship communities. The students cooperate to decide what topic they will discuss each semester.

Discipleship groups meet from 6PM-8PM on Sunday evenings.

They include time for prayer, fellowship, teaching, and discussion. Click here for the 2023-2024 calendar!

Youth Group Sessions
Sessions are held in the Parish Center on Sunday evenings from 6PM-8PM. 

For more information, Contact Us!

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Holy Family Youth Group is a Catholic youth ministry program open to all high school students regardless of faith or denomination.

Our Mission?
To bring teens into relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Promise?
To make disciples who make disciples!


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