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July Anointing of the Sick
July Anointing of the Sick

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Summer Mass Schedule Change

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Contemplative Prayer Is Back!
Contemplative Prayer Is Back!

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News & Headlines

The Archbishop of Washington on Wednesday clarified the Church’s teaching on when life begins, after Catholic President Joe Biden last week said life does not begin at conception.

“The Catholic Church teaches, and has taught, that life – human life – begins at conception,” said Cardinal Wilton Gregory at a Wednesday luncheon of the National Press Club, in Washington, D.C.

“So, the president is not demonstrating Catholic teaching,” he added.

House Democrats passed the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act in a 218-211 vote Friday. The bill is designed to ingrain the most expansive interpretation of Roe v. Wade into federal law and therefore preemptively eradicate all state-level pro-life legislation. The proposed law is expected to be blocked in the Senate, where Republicans will filibuster it.