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Thank you for your generous support of our parish. Please consider making a sacrificial commitment to the parish using envelopes or our online giving system. If you are not yet registered and would like to receive envelopes, we encourage you to sign up as a parishioner at Holy Family Catholic Church today.

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Our parish family depends on you. If you have never used the safe and convenient Online Giving system, step-by-step directions are listed below.

Another safe option is mailing your tithe in a security envelope to:

Holy Family Catholic Church

3401 Lower Roswell Rd. 

Marietta, GA 30068

Online Giving Directions en English


  1. Click "Sign In/Create Account" on upper right

  2. Click "Create New Account"

  3. Enter information including a password and click "Create Account"

  4. Click on "Funds" at top of screen

  5. Select a fund and click "Give Now"

  6. Enter Gift Amount, select Gift Type (One Time or Recurring), enter Date and Note then click "Continue"

  7. Select payment method or enter a new payment method

  8. Click "Complete"

 Thank you for your generosity.

Endowment Fund

Did you know that Holy Family has an endowment fund? Not exactly sure what an endowment fund even is?

One important aspect of our Catholic stewardship is to provide for future generations. An endowment fund can accomplish that mission. Unlike our offertory collection or annual appeal which is used for immediate need, an endowment is held in an investment fund set aside for the long-term support of our parish. Our endowment fund was created to ensure that our parish is able to financially sustain our mission long into the future. Our endowment fund is intended to last forever. Gifts to our endowment fund are protected and never spent. As the market grows over time, the value of the gifts to our fund grows and produces earnings that can be used by our parish to meet current needs.

Anyone can add to our parish endowment fund at any time. Our endowment fund is held at the Catholic Foundation of North Georgia in Atlanta and is invested and managed in accordance with Catholic values.


Catholic Foundation of North Georgia

Address: 5871 Glenridge Drive, Ste 300, Atlanta, GA 30328

Phone: 404-497-9440


Click here to make a donation to Holy Family's Endowment Fund


Gracias por su generoso apoyo a nuestra parroquia. Considere hacer un compromiso de sacrificio con la parroquia usando sobres o nuestro sistema de donaciones en línea. Si aún no está registrado y le gustaría recibir sobres, lo alentamos a que se inscriba como feligrés en la Iglesia Católica de la Sagrada Familia hoy.

OSV Online Giving Button_edited.png

Nuestra familia parroquial depende de ti. Si nunca ha utilizado el seguro y conveniente sistema de donaciones en línea, a continuación se enumeran las instrucciones paso a paso.


Otra opción segura es enviar su diezmo por correo en un sobre de seguridad para:

Iglesia Católica de la Sagrada Familia

3401 Lower Roswell Rd.

Marietta, GA 30068

Español Dar Direcciones en Español


  1. Haga clic en "Iniciar sesión / Crear cuenta" en la esquina superior derecha.

  2. Haga clic en "Crear cuenta nueva".

  3. Ingrese la información, incluida una contraseña, y haga clic en "Crear cuenta"

  4. Haga clic en "Fondos" en la parte superior de la pantalla.

  5. Seleccione un fondo y haga clic en "Dar ahora"

  6. Ingrese el monto del regalo, seleccione el tipo de regalo (único o recurrente), ingrese la fecha y la nota, luego haga clic en "Continuar"

  7. Seleccione el método de pago o ingrese un nuevo método de pago

  8. Haga clic en "Completar"

Gracias por tu generosidad. 

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