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Pre-School thru 5th Grade is Online!

I hope you are all safe and healthy! Having structure, a sense of normalcy and your Faith is so important – especially now! Since we are not seeing each other in person for Faith Formation at Holy Family, we have set up online access to the weekly lesson materials to do at home with your child. We emailed all parents the instructions and link to materials with the email they provided at registration but you can also always contact me to resend as needed.

Please contact Amy Drick for request the link to materials and instructions!

Please complete each week’s lesson so you can stay on track for Faith Formation this year. Once completed – we will give you credit as if you were here. This is most important if your child is in 1st Grade, if it's their 1st year of Faith Formation 2nd grade and older and if it is the year they are receiving 1st Communion.

I hope each of you are growing deeper with God during this time.

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