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Attention parents! Before going away on vacation, don’t forget to register your children for faith building classes for their grade and sacrament preparation classes! You can register from anywhere on our Faith Formation Home Page: https://www.holyfamilycc.org/faith-formation! Avoid missing your child’s spot or Late fees while you help us plan for teachers and materials! Registration closes on Monday, August 9th!


Join us for Vacation Bible School "Wilderness Escape"!

Click the picture to take you to the VBS page to register and volunteer!










Volunteers wanted for our 2021-2022 programs!

Please fill out the 2021-2022 volunteer form if you can volunteer: https://giving.parishsoft.com/App/Form/c506bbd2-3534-4631-b324-85323d6508b1

Did you know we run on volunteers? You can help us grow! We are looking for dynamic volunteers who have a love of children and a love of learning the faith to teach in our online and in-person classes. Easy to follow teaching guides help you feel confident in passing on the faith. A yearly catechist conference is provided by the Atlanta Archdiocese to help build your own faith learning. Meet fellow parishioners who are also volunteers and build community. Both regular yearly teachers and substitute teachers wanted for Pre-School to 12th Grade to help in the Faith Formation and Sacrament preparation classes. We follow the Cobb County school schedule so when they schedule breaks, we also schedule breaks. Class days and times vary. Background checks done and VIRTUS safe environment training required.

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Pre-School through 5th Grade uses the Pflaum curriculum: https://www.pflaumweeklies.com/

The program consists of a Catechism handbook— What the Church Believes and Teaches—for each child, plus 32 weekly Gospel-based lessons. The program is available in a complete bilingual editions. 

The Pflaum Gospel Weeklies are a liturgically-based catechetical program. Each lesson in the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program flows from the words of Jesus Christ in the Sunday Gospels. Children learn their faith—including formation in doctrine, sacraments, commandments, and prayer—within the rhythms and seasons of the Liturgical Year, encouraging a growing participation in the life of the parish community.

The handbook leads children to understand the basics of the Catholic faith. The weekly lessons inspire them to seek out ways to practice their faith in their daily lives. A special section in the weekly lessons and guides integrates each lesson with doctrine in the handbook.

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 If we have Inclement weather,

please go to the 11 Alive website


to see a list of closings.


We will post there.

If Cobb County Closes School, we will cancel our Faith Formation Classes and events!


We offer Family Faith Formation. Families Forming Disciples is a hybrid, family-focused, thematic-activity approach where groups of families meet with a catechist online and/or in-person to encounter the Lord together and to encourage each other to live as the Domestic Church in and through their home and family life.

A new assignment is given each month. Two weeks are done at home and one week is done together online and/or in-person.