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Pastoral Council Updates

April 9, 2018 MEETING

The following topics were discussed at this month’s meeting:

1. Sanctuary Enhancement Update:

a. The date for pew removal is the week of June 24th. Mass will be held in the Parish Center. The Narthex and access to the elevator will remain open.

b. We will be adding electric heating in the front windows behind the altar.

c. All proposed costs remain within our projected budget. All required funds are currently held in our Capital Building account.

d. The need for plans for future church projects was discussed.

2. Father Miguel and Father Nathaniel are planning to devote two weekends a year (Feb. and Sept.) to an Explanatory Mass, where parishioners are led through to an understanding of each section of the mass.

3. Pentecost, May 20th, is the date planned for an outdoor Mass on the Hill at 10:00 am followed by a potluck picnic lunch. Bring a lawn chair and wear casual clothing.

4 . Fall Festival is scheduled for October 7th. There is a definite need for event organizers.

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