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For Our Parents

As we continue to leverage technology to connect with you and share at-home learning resources during the unique circumstance of this coronavirus outbreak, we thought a single page housing key links and perhaps some videos would be a help to you. We're building this out for you as we go. This page is just intended for Holy Family Preschool parents, and we won't publish the link in other spots, so be sure to bookmark the URL for easy reference. We hope you find it useful and wish you a safe, happy summer!

Guess what, children? Ms. Jody got some baby chicks for her family this spring, and she wants to introduce you to them! Each week, she hopes to send us another video we can post here so you can see how they're growing and changing. What a fun springtime lesson!

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Click on the age of your child's class for activities you can do at home with things you already have.


Links worth visiting for summer learning fun...

outdoor-sticky-mural-for-toddlers (ages 2-4)                                

nature-scavenger-hunt  (ages 3-5)                                                                              


float-natural-ice-boats (preschool)

spring-outdoor-activities (preschool)


how-to-make-a-simple-kite.html (2’s w/parent making kite, preschool)

spring_scavenger_hunt.pdf (all ages)


look-and-find-summer-activity.pdf (ages 3-5) (all ages) (all ages) (all ages)


outdoor-tree-bark-rubbings (all ages)                                                                      

toilet-paper-roll-bird-feeder  (all ages with supervision)

drip-painting-rainbow-name-activity (ages 3-5)


crafty-picnic-bags (all ages)


fathers-day-goodie-bags (all ages)


make-a-mindfulness-jar-or-calming-timeout-timer (ages 3-5)


super-sensory-invitations-to-play (ages 3-5, close supervision with younger kids)


explore-the-sea-with-a-paper-plate-aquarium (all ages)


found-object-butterfly-craft.html (preschool)


recyled-art-for-kids-boats-in-the-sea.html (ages 3-5)

air-dry-clay-flower-craft.html (ages 3-5) (ages 3-5)



gross-motor-activity-tape-jumping-game (toddlers)                                                  

color-hop-for-toddlers (toddlers)                                                                       

learn-cool-cat-boogie (all ages)

Gross Motor

Literacy & Storytimes



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