AV Volunteers Needed

We are seeking volunteers ona weekly basis to run our Live Stream equipment as well as Sound system. Volunteers are needed at all Masses. Reliable volunteers are required to have some experience in problem solving, using Facebook and/or previous Live Stream/AV equipment. Those interested in supporting Holy Family in this way should send their resume, and/or their LinkedIn profile to info@holyfamilycc.org with AV/Live Stream Volunteer in the subject line. All volunteers will be trained thoroughly on our systems. Those in High School should attach at least one work-related reference.

Please indicate preference in the Live Stream Equipment or Sound System.

The Live Stream system is accessible for wheelchair users. Volunteers are required to follow Archdiocesan Reopening protocols. This is an unpaid position.

Voluntarios AV necesarios

Buscamos voluntarios semanalmente para ejecutar nuestro equipo de transmisión en vivo y nuestro sistema