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St. Joseph's altar


The first St. Joseph Altar set up on the island of Sicily was a small one, of course. But as time went on and the tradition took hold, the flamboyant nature and creative spirit of the Italians caused the alters to grow larger and more ornate.

The artistic quality of the breads, cookies and pastries, which are baked in such shapes as chalices, staffs, and pyramids often rivals the exquisite flavor of the food offerings.

Though Sicilian immigrants introduced the custom to America, the celebration is not confined to any nationality. The feast is

alternately a source of petition and thanksgiving. St. Joseph’s Feast Day is a tradition that centers on the entire family.

A Sincere thank you to all who participated in making the Feast Day of St. Joseph such a wonderful event, especially the coordinator Linda Harrison. Thank you for sharing your gifts of Time, Talent and Treasure with our wonderful Parish.

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